Artificial Intelligence

Tribologik® introduces AI technology into oil analysis

By introducing Artificial Intelligence in its testing process, Tribologik® takes oil analysis and condition monitoring to its highest level of reliability.

The Tribologik® AI system is the result of continual R&D based on the testing of millions of samples realized in our laboratory for over 30 years. All results are aggregated in the Tribologik® database, which keeps growing with each new test, each new oil type and each newly analyzed piece of equipment.

From this knowledge base, we have created more than 3 000 rules and algorithms covering all types of equipment and lubricants, down to specific model numbers and based on tens of thousands of recommendation possibilities.

A combination of data, limits, rules and algorithms makes up the core architecture of our proprietary expert system; these inputs contribute to the reliability and accuracy of your unique Tribologik® oil analysis reports.

Tribologik® is your equipment's best friend.

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