Bearings / Compressors

Bearings / Compressors

Bearings are made of two coaxial races separated by a row of lightlly lubrified rolling elements. These rolling elements are either ball, tapered, spherical or cylindrical rollers, sometimes also called needles.

Lubrication is essential to bearings to avoid gripping of its various elements. As bearings are being used in all kinds of situations and conditions, it is not always possible to keep them clean.

Bearings operating in a stone quarry will be constantly exposed to dirt and stone dust. It is therefore essential to test its lubricant on a regular basis in order to detect wear metal particles as well as non-metallic contaminants originating from the outside work environment. This ensures proper lubrication of the equipment and prevents bearing failure due to such reasons as fatigue, binding, spalling, cracks, flaws, breaks and oxidation.


There are many types of compressors: rotary, reciprocating, axial-flow, centrifugal, screw compressors, etc. Their purpose is to increase the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume.

Their components are in contact with one another, which makes them subject to mechanical wear. Compressors also breathe in large volumes of air and swallow all kinds of dirt particles and water droplets. Oxidation and oil acidity are therefore potential threats to compressor oil and proper testing is of utmost importance to prevent corrosion of the equipment.

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