Hydraulics / Pumps

Clean oil is fundamental to hydraulic systems. Pollution generated by solid wear particles, water or gas is the main cause of the deterioration of these systems. It is also well known that the majority of hydraulic breakdowns are due to solid or aqueous fluid contamination.

Water contamination is the No 1 enemy of hydraulic oil, causing severe lubricant breakdown. Water contributes to the acidity of the oil, depletes the basic additives and contributes to thecorrosion of your equipment.

Acid oil causes corrosion on the metallic parts of the equipment that in turn produces contaminating wear metal chips. These wear metal particles indicate that the part or equipment is deteriorating.

Testing hydraulic oil is therefore essential in preventing failure of your systems. The consequences may be unfortunate, if not catastrophic, not only on your equipment but on the security of the operators and users, depending on the critical status of the equipment, whether it is a dump bucket or worse, a landing gear.

Pumps are often used to feed master machinery such as turbines. Being exposed to air and water and subject to oxidation, contaminated pump oil can contaminate downstream equipment, hence the importance to test pump lubricants on a regular basis.

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