Sample Reports

AI Reporting Technology and Quality Control

Our A.I.-based reporting system has the capability of synthesizing the results of all the individual tests conducted on a sample into one report providing separate diagnostics both on the condition of the oil and of the corresponding equipment.

Based on these diagnostics, the Tribologik® AI report will generate maintenance recommendations and disclose the logic behind these recommendations.In addition to raw and graphical data, historical results of the previous analyses indicate trends in order to predict the maintenance that your equipment will need through a regular scheduled oil analysis program.

Tribologik® oil analysis reports are easy to understand and can be generated in a majority of formats requested by industrial and professional maintenance organisations, including CSI, ENTEK, XML, etc.

Reliable Dual Quality Control System

The reliability of Tribologik® oil analysis reports is assured by its unique dual AI controlled quality assurance system in addition to and in conjunction with timed calibration.

Each laboratory instrument is linked to the Tribologik® automated Quality Assurance (QA) system that indicates the slightest abnormality in the testing procedure or instrument.

The Tribologik® AI controlled Quality Assurance (QA) system consists of two sub-systems working together:

The Tribologik® dual quality control system is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 approved. As an ISO/IEC 17025 :2017 cerfified laboratory, the Tribologik® system must maintain a high quality assurance, archiving and traceability level. Tribologik® archives all the SQS and DQS control tests performed daily and can assess the quality of any test throughout the testing history of all its customers. Graphs on the performance of any test are available upon request.

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